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Why are customers leaving? There’s an answer!

I am worried about a problem that I have been trying to solve unsuccessfully for many years. Spent a lot of money, time and nerves on her. I tried to solve it myself, hired renowned consultants. They did the analysis, made recommendations, but that did not help. I went to various trainings, seminars, conferences, sent employees to them, but to no avail.

I ordered the development of a loyalty program, but it did not help either. He launched the development of the dealer network, but also the result is weak. Then he ordered a brand book and he also could not solve my problem. The essence of the problem is that customers are constantly leaving. It seems to be doing everything in accordance with theory and practice, but nothing helps. Maybe from the point of view of noomarketing you can explain why customers leave and what to do about it?

To understand why customers leave, you need to figure out who the client is, to figure out the mechanism that makes a person a client. A client is a person who wants to realize an idea. In order to realize the idea, the client turns to the company in order to purchase goods or services, without which the implementation of the idea is not possible. Normally, a company that implements an idea in a person and then offers him the ways of its realization (goods and services) is the same.

In other words, he who implements the idea creates the client, and then he also sells goods or servants to the client to implement this idea. If you worked on such a scheme, clients could not leave you in principle, because in other places they simply could not realize the idea. Since the customers left you, then you worked according to a different scheme.

Options Why Customers Leave
Why do customers leave

The first option is that the client, working with the idea, was created by some other company. You simply intercepted other people’s customers, inviting them to realize someone else’s idea using your goods or services. You convinced the client that your goods or services could realize other people’s ideas. Some believed and bought your goods or services. Some did not believe that your products or services could realize other people’s ideas and did not buy, which you regarded as customer care.

Those. in principle, the client was originally not yours, and therefore not where and did not leave you, but simply returned to the one who created it. So in this case, the question of why customers leave is incorrect in principle. Client interception is a very popular strategy, many people use it. Some use consciously in the hope of saving on creating customers. Some unknowingly, thinking that customers are created on their own.

The second option – you created clients. You broadcast the idea to the market, created the desire to buy your goods or services. However, the idea of ​​broadcasting which you received customers is not unique. You did not take care to get a unique idea, you simply copied someone else, or you yourself didn’t know it, you borrowed someone else’s idea and started working with it. If the idea is not unique, then it can be realized not only with the help of your product, but also with the help of other people’s goods.

Other companies, seeing that there are ready-made customers to whom their product is suitable for implementing the idea, took advantage of this situation with pleasure. Moreover, due to the fact that they did not spend money on creating clients – they have lower costs, which means that they were able to offer better conditions and take customers away from under your nose. In fact, you created clients at your own expense to others.

He evaluates the product as unsuitable, and he leaves to look for one that is suitable for the implementation of the idea, i.e. suitable

The third option is an idea that you broadcast is unique, but does not match your products or services. In other words, there is no synchronization between the idea and the product. In this case, a client created under the influence of your idea, comes to you to get a product or service that can implement it. He analyzes your goods and services, but understands that they cannot realize the idea that excites him. The puzzle in his head doesn’t fit.

He evaluates the product as unsuitable, and he leaves to look for one that is suitable for the implementation of the idea, i.e. suitable. This is a very common situation. It is connected with the fact that either you or your employees who are engaged in promotion are not pumped by the idea that underlies the product and / or the idea that underlies the market. Therefore, promotion is based on assumptions, and not on the basis of a real situation.

The fourth option is that you are transmitting to the market not an idea, but a thought. The bottom line is that thought is an element of an idea, but not the whole idea. The translation of thoughts creates many problems, including problems of promotion. When broadcasting thoughts you do not create customers, but like-minded people. They speak well of your products or services, they say how good they are, but they don’t buy.

It seems to you that these are customers, but in reality they are just like-minded people, people who have the same view on your goods as you do.

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