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Effective startup promotion

I read articles, watched a video about startups and startups and caught fire on them myself. I decided to become a startup too. I have been working in this field for more than 3 years. Several times I opened startups on the basis of simply excellent, in my opinion, ideas. However, they were not successful, some closed, some are still pulling with hope for the best, but the strength is already running out.

I really want to finally create a cool startup, and then it’s expensive to sell it and become a billionaire, in order to never work again and live for pleasure somewhere on your island in the ocean. Why can’t I do it? Why do others do it? What’s the secret? What am I doing wrong, or what am I not doing?

Effective startup promotion
The main mistake of novice startups is that they think it’s enough to open a startup, and then everything will go on by itself. In fact, creating a startup is half the battle, most likely even less. It’s much harder to promote it. It is at the promotion stage that 90% and more startups “fall”.

Promotion of a startup is often the most difficult stage. Moreover, it is often difficult for psychological reasons. To the startups who came up with the idea, it seems that it is so super-duper, and they themselves are geniuses and that a line of thousands of investors and millions of customers will line up behind their startup.

As a result, they do not pay attention to promotion, but sit and wait for buyers and customers, but do not wait. The majority abandons at this moment, the minority continues, and as a result, they open a successful startup from 5-10 times when they will moderate their ambitions and appetites. In other words, success comes when a large number of cones are full when promoting a startup.

The essence of startup
startup promotion

The bottom line is that there is a startup idea, but there is a market idea. A startup is the embodiment of the idea that underlies it. The market is already the embodiment of the idea that underlies it. The idea of ​​the market is such an idea that customers want to realize. The idea of ​​a startup is already a way to realize the idea of ​​a market. If we take by analogy, then the market is a slingshot. A startup is a ball that shoots from a slingshot. A startup is just one way to realize the idea that underlies the market.

Promotion of a startup involves a quality study of both ideas. Working with the idea of ​​the market is a startup marketing and in many respects success depends on it. If you work out only the idea of ​​a startup, but not work out the idea of ​​the market, then with a probability of 99% there will be a failure. In 1% of cases, circumstances may simply be favorable, and then the startup will succeed. Almost all startups hope that they will fall into this 1% and rarely when they are engaged in promotion, which is the reason for their failure.

Startup promotion begins after testing the market. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether there is a market at all. Startups usually offer innovations, so very often there is simply no market, and it needs to be created. The market itself is a collection of people who want to realize an idea. So, sometimes there is not even an idea that can be implemented using a startup. Accordingly, for a startup to be successful, it is necessary to come up with this very idea and introduce it to the masses.

Market Testing for Availability
startup promotion

Sometimes there is an idea, but few people have pumped it, which means the absence of a market as such. Startup managers very often neglect market testing, again because they consider their idea to be brilliant. As a result, they lose a lot of money, they have been in debt for decades. All of this could have been avoided by testing. The procedure is simple and inexpensive and it must be carried out if only because if there is a market, then one promotion technology is applied, if there is none, then another.

If there is a market, then the promotion begins with the recognition of the idea that underlies it. After you need to pump this idea. You can learn the idea and pump it using the market’s legram. It is important to know the idea of ​​the market and pump it in order to understand the market, to know its logic, to get the thinking of this market, to find out where there is an unrealized idea of ​​the market, in order to eventually speak the same language with it.

Then word of mouth will do its job, and sales will go

If the market sees that they are not speaking his language, he will understand that you will not be a stranger and positive reaction. After pumping, you look at the startup through the eyes of the market and see its opportunities for the market. As a result, you can tell why a startup is better than the ways the market is already realizing the idea.

Seeing the benefits, the market will want to try. He’ll start to try, reviews will go and if they turn out to be positive, if the startup really allows you to implement the idea better, faster, and better, consider the job done. Then word of mouth will do its job, and sales will go. In the future, the promotion of the startup will be much easier.

Effective startup promotion
I read articles, watched a video about startups and startups and caught fire on them myself. I decided to become a startup too. I have been working in this field…


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