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How to win a tender with a guarantee

I study marketing and write a master’s degree. The object of research is the design and survey institute, our organization is engaged in the design of roads, railways, bridges, artificial structures. Took this object, because I work there. The topic is improving marketing activities, but it so happened that my research supervisor chose the topic and I did not quite understand at first whether it was suitable or not.

Previously, my department was engaged in marketing, but now all efforts are spent on drawing up tender documents, studying open tenders. And as my leadership believes that marketing does not smell at present, but it seems to me that there are elements.

And the question is the following, since I work there not so long ago, I do not quite understand all the business processes, and especially what can be improved. Tell me, what do you think can be improved in the organization / department that is involved in tendering in such a highly specialized field? Thank you for your reply!

How to win the tender for sure
The tender is not the Olympics; the main thing in the tender is not participation, but victory. Accordingly, everyone who participates in the tender wants to win. How to win the tender? One of the options that will ensure victory is setting a competitive price. Tender prices, after all, are not taken from the ceiling, some calculations are carried out before they are set, and this is a pricing policy.

In turn, pricing is one of the elements of the marketing mix. This means that marketing really is in any company and organization, even in your institute. Marketing is important for everyone, even for organizations like yours, because marketing is a real opportunity to increase the chances of winning.

Also, marketing is a way to get answers to many questions about how to win a tender. There are actually a lot of questions and the correct answer to each of them increases the chances of winning. The correct answer can only be obtained through research, and research is already marketing. To be more likely to win, you need to explore competitors, their capabilities, their prices and their conditions.

Only on the basis of this information can we prepare a tender proposal that will guarantee a victory in the tender

Only on the basis of this information can one prepare a tender proposal that will guarantee victory in the tender. Of course, there are different schemes with all sorts of “kickbacks” and other methods of not quite fair competition, but here marketing can play into the hands and more on that below.

The task of the marketer and marketing system in the context of participation in the tender is to provide conditions that will help to win. As mentioned above, marketing increases the chances of winning a tender. How to win the tender thanks to marketing? Thanks to marketing, a tender can be won even before it takes place and this is the main advantage that marketing gives.

The trick is that before the tender is announced, determine the conditions of the tender, the characteristics of the products or services that will be purchased by tender. This is where marketing comes in handy. Marketing allows you to make it so that the characteristics of your products or services will form the basis of the characteristics of the purchased products or services. In other words, through marketing, you can make competitors lose before the start of the tender.

It is implemented easily. You just need to know the logic of who is preparing the tender conditions. The one who prepares the tender conditions and thereby determines what characteristics the purchased goods or services should have is trying to focus on products that are better than others. This will help him then not to get a “cap” from shareholders or founders.

If any problem suddenly arises, he will say that these are the best products or services on the market, therefore such characteristics were chosen. He may indicate the opinion of various experts who consider this product or service to be the best. Marketing is just what you need in order to create the best reputation in the market for products.

Now, if an unknown company wins, then suspicions may arise that not quite honest methods of promotion were used

This reputation is created by marketers, because only marketers know how to win the tender. It is the marketers through advertising and PR that make the product, service or company (in your case, the Institute) public, so that everyone talks about them, and especially so that the experts speak. In your case, you need to publicize the objects that you have already made, their advantages, their characteristics and, accordingly, your capabilities.

Marketing in the context of your institute should consist in advertising ready-made objects and thus in advertising your institute. In this case, even if kickbacks are applied, winning the tender will not look random.

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