Effective business processes

Effective startup promotion
I read articles, watched a video about startups and startups and caught fire on them myself. I decided to become a startup too. I have been working in this field…

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Startup Professional Assessment
I need a startup’s assessment in terms of marketing. I don’t own marketing, so it’s difficult to evaluate it myself and I need a marketing consultant. The essence of the…

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How to beat competitors and earn everything
There are many options for how to get around competitors. But most of the methods involve huge financial or reputation costs. There is only one way that is cheap enough…

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How is money made?

Feedback on previous articles revealed one important point that most people do not allow to understand what I actually write about in the articles of the Novus Ordo Millennium series. A misunderstanding of this point causes a misunderstanding of both the articles and the situation we are faced with. And the situation can be briefly described as follows – there is a lot of paper, but real money is not enough. This is incomprehensible to many, because for most people issuing banknotes and making money are one and the same thing.

Most people think that if there is not enough money, they just need to be printed and the issue will be resolved. Therefore, it logically believes that if they really weren’t enough, they would have been printed long ago, so that money is enough a priori. In fact, making money and issuing are two different things. This is very easy to prove. It is enough to look at examples of countries where billions of dollars are in circulation. There is nominally a lot of money there, but really it is not. Continue reading

Lost chance for salvation

Due to the emotions that, like an avalanche, have swept the inhabitants of Belarus in recent times in connection with economic events, few people noticed the main thing, few people noticed that the Belarusian economy has lost its last chance of salvation. When the main thing is not noticed by people who have nothing to do with the economy, they can be forgiven. But when the main thing was not noticed by people who, according to the diplomas on higher education in their hands, were simply obliged to notice this, it’s worth thinking about whether it is worth forgiving them at all.

If people with a diploma of higher education, which usually involves at least minimal knowledge of economic theory, immediately realized what happened in the economy, this would help to prevent a lot of negative consequences and now the situation in the country would be much better than we have. Continue reading

Why are most people poor?

Answers to the question why people are poor, there are as many as poor people. Each beggar finds his own answer for himself, but he must somehow compensate for his poverty in front of himself. Finding the answer, he sleeps better, eats better, so everyone is looking for such an answer. However, the truth is that poverty has not only subjective reasons that are associated with each individual person, there is one common objective reason for all.

In fact, this reason justifies every beggar, gives him legitimate reasons to believe that the world is unfair. And the farther, the more the world’s structure becomes unfair, because it does not keep pace with the change in this world. It is this reason that underlies all the crises of recent years. So it’s better to know about her. True, the problem is that it is difficult to find out about it, because no one talks about it. Continue reading

How to start a business if it does not go

Business may or may not. Why is this happening, why is the business not going? If the conversation was in a different context, the words “why is it” would be more likely to cause joy than grief, because in some cases the word “stands” shows that everything is fine. However, when it comes to business, the word “stands” has a negative imprint, because a standing business does not bring its owner anything but headaches and nervous breakdowns.

Business should not stand, business should develop, because money was invested in business, and money should make money, which is impossible with a standing business. Only a developing, dynamic business brings money. In order for the stand-up business to start making money, it needs to be made to go, it needs to be given dynamics. Continue reading

Cheap way to build customer loyalty

The best customer is a loyal customer. It is easiest to find a common language with a loyal client, because the maximum level of trust is established with him. The level of trust with him is so high that a loyal customer is actually a friend of the company. Accordingly, the formation of customer loyalty is one of the most important activities of any company. Is it easy to get a loyal customer? And it’s easy and difficult at the same time, because in order for the client to become loyal, you need to become the best for him.

Why you need to be the best? It’s simple – people and companies are drawn to the best people and companies, this is how our world works. For this reason, the desire to be the best is the natural desire of every person, every company. Moreover, it manifests itself in all areas. I would like that the car was certainly the best. A house, apartment or office should also be the best, just like you want to have the best cottage, the best clothes and shoes, the best equipment. Continue reading

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